Know Us

Preserved Identity is a social enterprise that aims to preserve the Palestinian identity, culture, heritage, and traditions while empowering refugees and donating meals to the children of Gaza.

Preserved Identity’s ambition is to preserve the Palestinian identity by bringing Palestinian products and culture to the global platform.

We focus on cooperating with people and organisations who themselves are preserving the Palestinian identity through the products they produce. This in turn helps the Palestinian people economically as for many of the workers, this is their only source of income and we are able to keep the producers active through consistent purchasing from them which creates work for the people.

We understand that for many people wishing to make donations to certain causes, there can be an uncertainty about how much of the donations actually go to the people in need or if they make it there at all. Preserved Identity aims to provide its customers with access to trusted charities and works with a couple of charities that have proven to be trustworthy by providing evidence of the donations reaching the people in need and guaranteeing that 100% of the donations go to the people.

For every order placed on Preserved Identity*, we will donate a meal to children in Gaza. The more you shop, the more you give! You can visit our Donate page to see how much funds have been raised and donated. We update this bimonthly.

Photo by Ashden Ellis, Taranaki.

Our Team

Assalamu Alaikum & Kia Ora! My name is Mariam and I am originally from Tulkarm, West Bank, Palestine. I am the founder & director of Preserved Identity and currently running this social enterprise with my husband Ali who is a talented Palestinian artist and does all the artwork you will see on display when we are at events and markets. His artwork is also available to purchase under the artwork tab in our shop.

Despite having lived in NZ for more than 30 years, my connection and love for Palestine has only been increasing and I have been bringing awareness to the Palestinian cause for as long as I can remember. My activities include playing an active role in solidarity marches, organising and being involved in community events for Palestine, raising funds for charities, and for 3 years I also co-directed the social enterprise ‘Palestinian Made’.

My drive and motivation to run Preserved Identity stems from always having a deep-rooted connection to Palestine, being passionate about the cause and wanting to educate and bring awareness; the need to have a Palestinian voice and IDENTITY present. The frustration and disbelief at what is happening in Palestine was consuming me and it became about doing something about it; turning that frustration and passion into something that can make a difference at a humanitarian level.