We work with a number of producers based in Palestine. Please read about each one below.

  • Palestinian Olive Oil Soap – Nablus
  • Medjoul Dates – Jericho, Palestine
  • Kufiyas – Hirbawi in Hebron, Palestine
  • Handicraft – A group of women from Nablus in the West-bank, Palestine


A lot of effort goes into making the handmade Nabulsi soap as seen in the photo to the right. This soap is produced only in Nablus, Palestine, and it’s made from Palestinian extra virgin olive oil, a natural sodium compound & water. The procedure takes a couple of weeks in which hot soap mixture is poured onto the factory floors to set and once set, it’s marked for cutting, stamped with the company seal onto each piece, and cut into cubes. The soap cubes then undergo a drying process which can last from three months to a year and involves stacking them in ceiling-high structures resembling cones with hollow centers which allow the air to circulate around the cubes. They are then wrapped individually.

Medjoul Dates

We source our dates from ‘Nakheel Palestine’ in Jericho, Palestine. Nakheel Palestine grew out of a strong commitment to invest in the Palestinian agricultural sector, specifically date palm cultivation, to enable growth of the economy, protect Palestinian land, and introduce high quality Palestinian products into local and international markets.


We are supporting the last Original Kufiya factory in Palestine, run by the Hirbawi family in Hebron.


We work with a group of Palestinian women in the West-bank that make embroidered handicrafts, clothing, shoes and accessories for Preserved Identity. Some products are hand embroidered and some are machine embroidered. A lot of these women are unemployed due to the circumstances of the occupation and some are unemployed because they have disabled children that need to be looked after.

By purchasing from Preserved Identity, you are: 

  • empowering these incredible women 
  • giving them opportunities 
  • allowing them and Palestinian culture, heritage, traditions and identity to reach the global market
  • providing them and their families with a source of income (for some, it’s their ONLY source of income).
  • helping us feed children in Gaza. For every $100 you spend, we will donate a meal to the children of Gaza.



We are giving our customers and supporters the opportunity to make extra one off or ongoing donations through our ‘Donate’ page. 

We have teamed up with a couple of NZ and Aussie based charities that are actively sending donations to refugees in Palestine:

  • Kiwi Trust for Palestinian Children Relief – a registered charity that sends donations to families in Gaza, Palestine and provides the children with meals for every $100 you spend.
  • Qawafil Alkhair – a non-profit charitable and licensed organisation. The association emerged from a team called Ruba Alkhair, who are well known for providing emergency relief services in the reconstruction and repair of the homes of poor and needy families in the Gaza Strip.

Thank you very much for your generosity and contribution to a worthy cause!