On top of 5% percent of the proceeds from the products sold being donated to refugees, we are also giving our customers and supporters the opportunity to make extra one off or ongoing donations through this page. 

We have teamed up with a couple of NZ based charities that are actively sending donations to refugees in a number of countries:

  • Kiwi Trust for Palestinian Children Relief – a charity that sends donations to families in Gaza, Palestine
  • Tamariki Outreach – a non for profit organisation where over 100 orphaned Syrian children living in Jordan are sponsored monthly. Other donations that are sent to Tamariki Outreach are used to support widowed Syrian mothers now living in Jordan & Turkey to empower them to learn, work and become providers for their families in their new environments.

We will split your donations equally between both charities. Thank you very much for your generosity and contribution to a worthy cause!

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